Natural fragrances

The hidden strength  of natural plants

For over 90 years Weleda has produced naturally fragranced products. Fragrances have an impact on our moods and awaken our imagination.

What influences do fragrances and perfumes have on our wellbeing, our actions and our feelings?

Our sense of smell has a far greater influence on our wellbeing and our actions than we realise. It influences our feelings and can spontaneously bring back memories associated with those smells. It is true that certain smells can stimulate an intense activity within the nerves in the limbic system of our brain which has an indirect influence on our body’s processes, such as our hormones, the immune system and blood pressure.

How do Weleda develop fragrances? Who takes part in the development process?

Teamwork plays a role in the development of Weleda’s fragrances. Firstly we produce the so-called fragrance template. It asks the following questions:- Which feelings will be triggered by the fragrance? Which characteristics should be developed? Are there problems that would benefit from a supporting effect? Following this, we investigate how we can create such a fragrance. Do we need new types of raw material? Very often we associate memories or feelings with a certain type of fragrance. In addition, the preference for a certain type of fragrance can depend on age or lifestyle. As such, the evaluation of a fragrance is always subjective. It is for this reason that we always consult other members of staff, focusing on a certain target group.

What role does the fragrance play in respect of an holistic anthroposophic approach?

From an anthroposophic point of view, we can recognise a plant by its fragrance.  As we combine natural fragrances, we take into account the nature of the plants we are using, so that our perfumes reflect the nature of each individual plant ingredient. This is not the case with chemically produced synthetic fragrances.

One of the main aspects in the development of Weleda products is to regard Nature as the source of our products  coupled with distilling skills and professional knowledge.

What is the difference in using natural as opposed to synthetic fragrances?

People have an inner relationship to naturally occurring perfumes as they form part of our perception of everyday life. In the course of our lives we undergo (consciously or unconsciously) experiences that remind us of certain fragrances. Synthetic fragrances can have the same effect. However, natural fragrances are far more complex; they may have a deeper, more significant and basic influence on our feelings. Just imagine the familiar smell of someone you love, or the clear and fresh smell of a pine forest.