This miracle of nourishing richness maintains healthy hair and scalp

Long forgotten, millet has been restored to its rightful place as a miracle of nutrient richness. It's a native of hot regions, with a long, slender, smooth stalk and linear growth entirely designed to absorb cosmic light, solar rays, air, and extreme heat. In nature, exposure to such extreme light and dry air would normally result in withering, but to protect itself from drying out, millet creates a protective silicic acid layer, most noticeable in the husks. It's this special facility which gives millet extraordinarily strong preservative and protective powers.

Building Strength from nature

The anthroposophical principle is dedicated to preserving a state of health, and according to this principle, millet works for the health of our hair. Minerals and trace elements such as silicon, iron and magnesium are as important to our body as they are to the millet, as building blocks for our skin, hair and joints.

For a healthy start

Healthy hair - regardless of age, gender, colour or thickness - is characterised by a strong shape, a natural sheen and ease of combing, because the oil and moisture content is in balance. If we already have healthy, normal hair condition, then millet enhances the protective and structuring properties of this beautiful state. Healthy hair shines naturally, thanks to smooth cuticles that reflect light easily. Extracts of Millet husks also support resilience and gently maintain healthy hair and scalp. That's why we use these extracts for our shampoo.