Nourishing and restorative properties to leave your hair smooth and shiny

In age-old wisdom, oats are known as a grain that gives humans power. When it comes to harvest-time, oats – native to northern climes – are the last crop to be brought in from the fields, using the extra time to absorb and store sunlight, air and heat.

The element of water is of great importance to the life energy of oats. Because of its powerful root system and long growing time in the fields, oats absorb large volumes of water from the soil, taking in valuable silica in liquid form as they grow. In comparison with other cereal types, oats’ intense powers of absorption of the two extremes (heat and water) and their ability to combine the two are unique. The process is a prerequisite for all nutritional and metabolic processes in a living organism, and oats are outstanding at the job.

Oats Specialty

The flow of water travels more intensively through the whole plant than it does in wheat or millet, for example, and that’s what makes oats special. High volumes of mineral-based silicic acid, phosphorus and iron are carried into the distinctive ‘beards’ of the ripening ear.

Oat for dry and damaged hair

These natural substances in oat extract can be harnessed and used to help the normal structure of the hair and scalp to be rebuilt. This is how oats, structuring and restoring, support the hair in its primary task of protecting, warming and enveloping the human organism. If hair texture is dry and damaged, the active ingredients of oats reduce hair breakage and split ends by smoothing the cuticles of the hair. Once the hair’s surface is smooth and undamaged, it reflects the light best. The result is naturally shiny and smooth hair.