Maintains healthy gums and teeth

Ratanhia is one plant that’s never going to win a beauty contest. The bushy shrub loves dry and rocky sites and seems unimpressive at first glance. But, like many plants that are easily overlooked, its inner values are remarkable. It’s native to the foothills of the Andes in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, where indigenous people have always seen the ratanhia as a medicinal plant, especially used for inflammation in the mouth. Due to growing popularity of the plant, export volumes have increased considerably in recent years, which in turn threatens the very existence of the ratanhia. That’s why, for 40 years, we have been getting our ratanhia from specific locations in Peru, where we are even more committed to sustainable and socially responsible wild collection. The protection of humans and habitat is always at our heart.

The root of the ratanhia plant contains calming tannins, which we have extracted to use in an alcoholic extract in our oral care range for many years. Its characteristic reddish colour persists right through to the finished products. These tannins strengthen and fortify the gums, at the same time relieving irritation in the oral cavity. A healthy mouth with strong teeth is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also an important factor in the health of our entire organism.

Ratanhia Toothpaste 75ml
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