Weleda’s natural cosmetics and medicinal products are the result of great care and quality selection, from the purchase of raw materials through to the manufacturing, bottling and delivery of the finished products. Our quality is based on stringent criteria, with numerous guidelines for sustainable product development, raw materials, origin, production, additives, perfuming, animal experiments, packaging and other aspects. 

The natural raw materials for Weleda products are processed in selective and sensitive ways so that the substances and active ingredients can fully develop their effects. A holistic, comprehensive understanding of the nature of humans – formed equally of body, soul and spirit – leads to a broad interest in how substances relate to each other in anthroposophy. This in turn leads to our enhanced definition of quality, which results in products that are deeply and fully active, giving a wonderful feeling of comfort when used. It’s our priority to offer the best quality to our consumers, our patients and their therapeutic needs, because we believe that only carefully selected and processed natural substances can aid the body in its numerous delicately-balanced functions.

The continuous development of scientific testing methods is also an important part of quality assurance. In the formulation and production of our cosmetics, products are always made without synthetic dyes and fragrances, preservatives and genetically modified organisms, silicones, paraffin, other petroleum products and synthetic fats. Wherever possible we use raw materials from certified organic or biodynamic farming and controlled wild collection. Animal testing is prohibited both in the production and in development stages and we only ever fragrance our products with natural essential oils. Weleda products are also made in such a way that synthetic or ‘nature-identical’ preservatives are not required.

The Weleda motto ‘in harmony with nature and the human being’ is an important guiding principle throughout the entire manufacturing chain of all natural cosmetics and medicinal products. Sourcing, packaging materials and finished products all meet numerous requirements including regulatory compliance, GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance, compliance with the pharmacopoeias and compliance with specific national legal regulations in the countries of manufacture and sale.  We put strong emphasis on the material and ecological quality of our raw materials as well as on the social quality of our trading process.