Since 1921, it’s been Weleda's aim to maintain, promote and restore the health of people. The highest quality standards and a careful use of resources go hand in hand. Around three-quarters of our plant ingredients come from organic or biodynamic farming and from certified wild collection.

Long-term co-operation with quality at every level

Our raw materials come from nature and their origins are diverse. A large proportion - more than 200 species - is from our own medicinal herb gardens. But in addition to our own growing plots and wild harvesting, a lot of our raw materials come from long-term partnerships with suppliers. A huge variety of essential ingredients are source from farms large and small, cooperatives, farming projects and through trade worldwide.

Fair prices and long-term contracts ensure excellent co-operation between Weleda and all our partners. Our social quality standards, better known as fair trade, refer to the entire value chain and include our suppliers. We only work with suppliers who look after the social standards and working conditions of their employees. Additionally, our long-term project partners have to offer fair remuneration to employees, the promotion of the standing of women and the balance of family and work. These partnerships are often embedded in co-operation with government development organisations, universities or global environmental organisations.

Bonus: less impact from speculations

Of course, we rely on the inexpensive reference of getting our raw materials at a competitive price, without too much intervention by ‘middle-men’, but we are convinced that fair payment develops a long-term and trusting collaboration for both sides. A beneficial side effect is that both sides are less vulnerable to speculative movements in the market. The best quality materials can be developed by learning from each other in a trusting partnership in which both sides benefit, with price stability, consistent quality and the exchange of know-how.

Union for Ethical Biotrade

Since October 2011, Weleda has been a full member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT). Founded in 2007, the Paris-based non-profit organisation represents a globally recognised standard for sustainable procurement and utilisation of resources, taking into account biodiversity, as well as fair distribution of income.