Natural Medicines Grown by Hand

To ensure the best quality ingredients we grow our own plants in herb gardens in Derbyshire. There we grow to Biodynamic® standards, which is a form of farming we call “super-organic” - it isn’t just about how the plants are grown it’s also about where and when we grow them.

We ensure the eco-system is balanced, planting in line with the Biodynamic calendar; odd at first until you realise that the moon, sun and planets all affect the way a plant grows. Farming in this way isn’t easy but it is well worth the extra effort we go to as our plants make potent tinctures from which we make your medicines.

We hand pick our gardeners too:

Our gardeners are special folk. Their job is to nurture, ensuring the plant itself and its environment is healthy. We use our own seed bank as we believe this makes for plants most suited to our environment here in Derbyshire. We use traditional farming methods as it makes sense to rotate our growing beds annually and we combine wisdom from our many seasons of gardening, creating active composts to feed the soil from our own plant materials; we make our own biodynamic garden preparations from our natural materials which we spray in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Our aim is to grow the healthiest of plants, always.

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From plant to product...

From the moment our head gardener judges a plant to be ready we are on countdown to harness its power. We harvest at specified times on certain days of the year. Sometimes we harvest the root, sometimes the flower, sometimes the whole plant. Our gardeners scrub-down and gown-up to meet the stringent rules we work to in our pharmaceutical laboratories. They harvest, clean, chop, grind and prepare the plant material and they work with the production team to turn this into the precious Mother Tinctures

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