Our symbol

Every company has a logo nowadays – often designed by a team of creatives to reflect the current direction of the company, and changing regularly. Weleda’s company symbol dates from the very formation of our company in 1921, when founding philosopher Rudolf Steiner wanted to express the company’s strength of purpose in a graphic, symbolic way which would stir deep associations.

The Weleda symbol has three linked elements, forming one image. There’s a central, upright staff, a weaving spiral form and two interacting outer segments.

The staff was inspired by the herald’s staff, that of Mercury, messenger of the gods. It stands for truth and dependability, symbolising the connection between heaven and earth. The trusted messenger moves between the two realms, bringing knowledge.

The weaving line around the upright staff represents the serpent, symbol of healing. In Greek mythology Aesculapius, god of medicine, is shown gripping a serpent-entwined staff. This so-called Caduceus is the symbol of physicians, commonly found in pharmaceutical imagery. The potent serpent image is often found in myth and legend, where the raised serpent symbolises the challenge for mankind’s divine essence to overcome its lower nature.

The embracing, fluid outer lines of the Weleda symbol were originated by Rudolf Steiner himself. He wanted to suggest encompassing protection and social interaction, combining the ideas of giving and receiving, producing and consuming, physician and patient, through imagery perceived at a deep, associative level.

The Weleda symbol as a whole forcefully communicates the upright quality and integrity of our products – quality born of the therapeutic impulse and knowledge of anthroposophy. While the serpent suggests the development of new, pure products that meet the challenges of modern life, the protective, interdependent outer form represents social awareness and responsibility in business.

Seen as a brand, the Weleda symbol assures you that the company, the product and the worldview attached to your health and beauty purchase is honest, pure, ethical and exerts a positive influence in the world.