Our values

Weleda is a unique organisation – economically thriving, kind at heart and committed to the well-being of our planet, our environment and our people. We’ve grown into that role through the adoption of seven basic principles which are unchanging, binding for everyone who works with us, and which clearly underpin the way we work. We would like to share these principles with you so that you understand who we are, and why we work the way we do.

The Seven Weleda Basic Principles

1 Fair treatment of customers, partners and suppliers

Weleda demonstrates that transparency and honest communication form the basis of faithful and effective cooperation. This is the foundation of Weleda‘s business relationships worldwide. The result is lasting, reliable connections with customers, suppliers and network partners.

2 Management-Employees Relations in a Spirit of Partnership

Weleda‘s employees put their abilities at the company‘s service, and they are highly appreciated as working professionals. They possess insight into operating processes and structures and assume accountability for their duties. As a result, they are able to participate in evaluati on and decision-making processes relevant to their area of responsibility. The dedication of all our employees is the source of innovation for business development.

3 Extensive quality

The natural raw materials for Weleda products are processed in differentiated, sensitive work processes in such a way that the substances and active ingredients can unfold their full effect. The holistic view of the human being comprised of a body, soul and spirit and the understanding of the Earth as a living organism connected to the entire cosmos that anthroposophy embodies, creates an enhanced understanding of natural substances and the nature of their effects, thereby giving rise to an enhanced understanding of quality. Products are created that make deep and comprehensive effectiveness available to human beings and bestow upon them an experience of extraordinary well-being.

Our ongoing development of scientific testing methods further supports this integral understanding of quality.

4 Combining natural and spiritual sciences in research and development

For Weleda, human beings are at the centre of things. It is for human beings that we, together with our partners, develop and research innovative, path breaking products and therapeutic approaches. These are due to the combination of natural sciences and humanities. They enable Weleda to open up modern perspectives for a holistic understanding of illness, health and care.

5 High environmental standards

The Earth‘s resources are limited. They require protection, for the sake of human beings and of nature. We take this responsibility seriously and set high environmental standards. To us, sustainability means caring for and conserving natural resources.

6 Ethical and value-creating business practices

For as long as we have existed we have pursued corporate goals derived from the founding idea of our company: human beings in their personal development, individual maintenance, promotion and restoration of health and their need for physical well-being and a balanced way of life.

This understanding of our enterprise determines Weleda‘s business orientation and will remain the guiding light and driving force of all our actions. Weleda’s product and service pricing takes not only the strengthening of our equity base, but also the proper interests of our customers as well as our suppliers and investors into account. To the extent of our abilities, Weleda participates in cultural initiatives that empower people.

7 Cultural diversity as an inspiring force

The Weleda Group is represented in many countries and markets around the world. This creates a cultural diversity that we experience as inspiring and powerful.

Historically, Weleda has grown out of separate entrepreneurial initiatives coming together into a corporate group operating under a unified management. The Board of Directors and Weleda Group Management exercise their management responsibilities in the interest of the successful development of the entire Group. Uniform ethical and quality standards and the corporate, market and functional strategies and policies are binding for the entire Weleda Group.