During pregnancy many bodily and emotional changes are taking place

It is not only your body that undergoes changes, your emotions and feelings change too. These fluctuate from feeling unsure to being happy as your body is growing. You are experiencing many new things.

I like my body

If you look at your body in the mirror, you will notice that changes are taking place. Your breasts are getting fuller and perhaps you have started to fill out around your tummy. It is quite normal to put on weight during pregnancy so don’t worry, once you are a Mum you will be happy to have these extra reserves – your body is already making provision. Remember, the female body is beautiful especially when a baby is growing inside it.

Emotional changes

It isn’t only that your body changes, your emotions change too. One day you are on top of the world another you are down in the dumps. You may wonder: should I have waited with my pregnancy? Will I be a good mother?  How can I combine my daily life with a baby? These are quite normal questions. You have plenty of time to prepare yourself for your future life with your baby. However, such questions give you a chance to discuss all your anxieties and wishes with your partner, especially the question: Will we be good parents? How will we organise our daily life with having a baby in our midst? What will be important to us in our daily life and what values to we want to pass on to our child?

You have time to prepare yourself for the changes to your future life. Consciously make time for yourself and discuss your new roles with your partner.