Conception derives from conceive

Conception is an invitation to the new, tiny being to begin its journey into life, in a warm, safe environment within the mother’s body.

The start of a new life

It is not always certain when conception occurs. The start of a new life is often unnoticed, however, some women claim to feel the moment at which they become pregnant. If that is so, then cherish this feeling – this tingling and anticipation.

Uncertainty and certainty

In a few days, your pregnancy can be confirmed. Once your normal period is absent you can take a pregnancy test. However, at the time of fertilisation your body already knows that a new life has started to grow and is working to make it as comfortable as possible for your tiny guest.

Firstly it prepares a “bed” for your baby: the endometrium, which now receives increased blood supply. Even if you are not quite sure whether you are pregnant or not, your body is already certain and prepares everything needed for your baby.

The Father

During pregnancy the feelings and the role of the father are very often ignored. He also experiences happiness, excitement and uncertainty. It is good if you can discuss your feelings and anxieties with your partner. This is not always easy for the man, as he does not carry the baby within him and his body does not go through the various changes of pregnancy. He can only observe how his partner’s body changes.

Take your time and slowly accept the different feelings as and when they come along and be open and ready to talk about how you feel.