Am I really pregnant?

Recognising the first signs

Some women already know that they are pregnant before they miss their period. What are the signs of pregnancy before this has been confirmed through a pregnancy test?

Definitely pregnant?

Every woman and everybody is different. Not every woman recognises the first signs of pregnancy. There are generally signals that help to differentiate between certain and uncertain signs of pregnancy. Missing your monthly period, morning sickness, swollen and sensitive breasts, increased urination, putting on weight may be signs of pregnancy. Certain signs are the baby’s movements and feeling the baby by touching the surface of the stomach. However, this isn’t possible until the 16th week.  If you want to be absolutely certain whether you are pregnant or not after missing a period, you can do a home pregnancy test or have an examination by a midwife or your GP.

My body is changing

Are your breasts tight? Are you more tired than usual? These can be first signs of pregnancy. Your body has to prepare itself for the enormous task ahead and needs a lot of energy. From the first moment, your body will do everything in order to protect and nourish your baby. The would-be mother’s body has to do 'overtime' and it is therefore not surprising that you feel more tired than normal. The tightness of your breasts may already be an indication that your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding.

My skin is changing

With the change of hormones, it is possible to have skin problems. This is quite normal. Sometimes an increase of sebum deposits may occur. Too much sebum makes the skin look greasy and can clog up the pores, resulting in spots. Don’t worry pregnant women 'glow' from the inside which is reflected in the skin.

During this time a mild skin care regime such as the Almond body care range would be ideal for sensitive skin. It protects the skin in the same way as the outer hard shell of the almond protects its valuable inner fruit.

My emotions are changing

Have you become more sensitive?

Have you become more emotionally fragile – 'thin-skinned'? Many women get more sensitive than they were before being pregnant; they can also experience mood swings. In stressful situations they seem to be more irritable or withdrawn, however, in contrast, they may be full of energy. The same applies as before: take life as it comes. If you feel unwell, discuss this with a trusted person, as sometimes merely talking about it solves the problem. Have a holistic approach to your new situation and make time for yourself.