Where is the nearest toilet?

The urge to go to the toilet during pregnancy

You are wondering why at this early stage of your pregnancy you need to know where the nearest toilet is. A frequent urge to go to the toilet at this stage is quite normal. You haven’t got a pregnancy bump yet, but your uterus is now as big as a tennis ball and is pressing on your bladder.

Why do I have to go so frequently?

Your uterus is now starting to grow to provide a safe place for the development and growth of your baby. The hormone Progesterone is involved in helping to relax your muscles; it also is responsible for the increased blood flow through the kidneys which in turn leads to a higher production of urine.

Important to drink a lot

You need plenty of liquid, which can be in the form of water, tea or fruit juice. Avoid too much caffeine and fizzy sugary drinks. Insufficient liquid can have an influence on your circulatory system. During pregnancy, an unstable circulatory system may mean that the baby receives insufficient nourishment. When you are breastfeeding it is also important to drink plenty of fluid to help produce sufficient milk.

A quiet place

Patience and coolness

You will need to visit the toilet frequently over the next few weeks, never mind, in a short time you will know exactly where the public toilets are and will be equipped with the necessary hygienic items. You will then be well prepared when you have children – you already know where to find public toilets!

Although having to go to the toilet frequently can be annoying especially at night, don’t stop drinking water, herb teas or fruit juices.

Take plenty of fluid – but what should I drink?

So that your body is in good condition, it needs plenty of fluid and if you don’t always want to drink water, we recommend some of our elixirs.