Prunus Elixir 200ml

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Certified organic fruit juice drink with wild-grown blackthorn sloes.
All the energy from a year’s growth in the wild, bottled in a power-packed tasty drink for your family.
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First to blossom, longest to ripen, growing sweeter in the frost. The blackthorn is a naturally potent bush with a patient and slow-developing harvest. Weleda gathers fresh, wild-grown sloes and gently sweetens them with organic raw sugar. We add just a twist of bio-dynamically grown lemon juice, for a totally tasty elixir bringing you natural energy.

Suitable for vegetarians. NOT suitable for diabetics.

Please note that this product is not for sale in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland or the EU.

Organic raw sugar, distilled water, Prunus spinosa – controlled wild collection, Organic lemon juice.
Made in the UK.

How to use:
Dilute a tablespoonful in cold or warm water, milk or yoghurt two or three times a day.
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Reviews (3)
  • Excellent Product
    I got recommended Prunus Elixir to boost my metabolism after a bout of long term illness extreme tiredness. Excellent Product noticed difference in my well being with in a week of using the product. Highly Recommend
  • Amazing boost
    Amazing boost to my immune system and health
  • Prunus Elixir
    I love this product! A great way to give myself a vitamin C boost... tasty and effective.