Some positive thoughts for your pregnancy

Since your first menstruation, your body has been getting ready month by month for possible pregnancy. Now that time has finally come. Congratulations! We would like to accompany you with some positive thoughts about your pregnancy. 

A new life is starting

Do you know that special feeling when you are expecting someone you love to pay you a visit? You make your home look nice and think about what to prepare in readiness. Hours or even days before the arrival of this special guest you are excited. Your baby is like that special guest! You have plenty of time to prepare everything. Enjoy this anticipated pleasure and regard it as a gift: experience a love towards a being that is as yet unknown to you but at the same time seems familiar.

Your pregnancy is unique

Everything that is said about pregnancy is a generalisation. You experience your own pregnancy which is as unique as you are and also your baby. Go along with your inner feelings and appreciate your body. Don’t compare yourself to other women, you are unique, and that’s special.

You are beautiful

During the course of your pregnancy, your body will, of course, change in shape. As your tummy gets rounder some women worry about stretch marks, yet what can be nicer than to experience the growth of a new life within you? Accept the new shape of your body – your baby needs space to develop in your womb. You are beautiful as you are in carrying this new life within you.

I’m doing something that is good for me and my baby

During pregnancy, women ask: what is best for the baby? Simply everything that is good for you is also good for your baby. Eat a healthy diet, take sensible exercise, avoid alcohol, and look after yourself.