How do you feel?

I will be a Mum!

Your body is making space for a new life and without consciously doing anything towards it your body changes. It is therefore no wonder that you are full of emotions and mood swings.

Little guest

In order for your baby to develop, your body changes without you consciously doing anything. Your body provides your baby with the perfect environment in which it can grow and become a fully developed human being!  You are consciously and unconsciously preparing for a special visitor, and like having guests to visit you at home, you want everything to be just right for your baby.

A visit lasting many weeks

During your pregnancy, you may be asked how you feel and the answer to this is that you don’t always feel happy. It is normal for your emotions to fluctuate – you may even have negative emotions and it is important that you feel able to talk about how you feel with your friends or your doctor. Especially those women who have become pregnant through IVF fertilisation as some may feel they should not talk about their negative feelings. You should not feel guilty as most pregnant women find it difficult to be happy 24 hours a day. Don’t bottle it up, talk to your trusted friends or relatives and listen to your body, it will tell you what is good for you. Perhaps you need to make more time for yourself or you need to socialise more.

Have faith in your own intuitions

Listen to your inner feelings, especially now that you are pregnant and later when you have your baby. Nowadays we get inundated with ideas and advice. It is good to distance yourself a little from this and follow your own intuition. Discuss these feelings with your partner and find mutual values which you as a family would like to follow.