Relaxation and strength

How your body performs

There isn’t much to see outwardly yet, but your thoughts and feelings will be focused on what is going on inside you. In fact during the early months of pregnancy your body goes through all of the changes that your body needs to make in order to cope with the rest of the pregnancy, even though most of them are not visible yet..

The body’s high performance

Enormous changes are happening inside you. The uterus is starting to grow, as does your blood volume, 4-5 litres at the beginning of the pregnancy increasing to 6-7 litres at week 34. Even athletes in training don’t reach such volume in such a short time. Every minute, your body pumps more blood to your organs and your baby. You are now feeding two people, one whose heart rate is twice as fast as yours..

Hormonal challenges

Not since puberty has your body undergone so many hormonal changes. Your body is now producing 30 to 50 times more progesterone and oestrogen.  A combination of hormones lets the body know what it needs for the new task ahead. All this is not without some side effects, including some unwanted ones. For instance, muscular contraction in the digestive system slows downwhich can cause constipation.  This can also be made worse by iron preparations, stress and any changes in eating habits.

Resting and relaxing

Rest as often as you can, your body is producing a new life and your hormones are changing. Although you are very happy, doubts, anxiety and worries about the future may arise. Discussing these issues with others may help. Look after yourself. Take plenty of rests and ask yourself what would be good for me and the baby?