Feet have to carry

Our feet carry us throughout our lives – 130,000 km or more. And yet we don’t often think about our feet. Now during pregnancy you may notice how your feet feel as they carry not just you but your baby as well.

Effort and relaxation

During the course of your pregnancy you may experience  tired legs and aching feet. Once the baby has arrived you will be carrying it a lot, as most children don’t learn to walk until they are more than a year old. Using so much strength and effort, you may wish to organise time for relaxation, a soothing foot bath perhaps – depending on time, of course.

Ideas for relaxation

You may wish to set up a brief relaxation routine, which can last as long as you like. It can start with a foot bath, followed by a foot massage morning and evening which is good for your feet, and prepares you for the day or relaxes you in the evening. Massaging feet can encourage meditation. If you already start with this daily routine, you may be able to continue doing it when you feel that the carrying and walking is getting a little too much. Why not pamper yourself a little more!