Dr Rosy Daniel offers holistic health consultations to help people promote their health, well-being and quality of life through effective self-help programmes.

Rosy works with people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and obesity to create regenerative health programmes to improve medical outcomes, quality of life, coping skills and to generate a positive mental attitude. Dr Daniel can work in person, by telephone or skype, depending on your preference. To find out more, please visit her website here.

Here are a few of examples of courses and workshops run by Rosy Daniel:

  • Dr Rosy Daniel Clinic – One to one holistic health consultations in Bath or by telephone, zoom or skype
Visit the website to make a booking – www.drrosydaniel.org
Email – rosy@drrosydaniel.org
Call the Helpline – 01225-745737

  • Online Principles and Evidence for Health and Wellbeing – with 50% discount for Weleda and friends – A stand alone course for anyone who is wishing to promote health and wellbeing
Would you like to know the facts and scientific evidence to back up your healthy lifestyle or holistic practice? Would you like a better understanding of the theory and scientific literature relating to positive health & wellbeing?

Visit: www.healthcreation.co.uk
Email: rosy.daniel@healthcreation.co.uk
Call: 01225-745737

  • Health Creation Mentor Training – A professional training in holistic health coaching and mentorship
Would you like to join an exciting new positive health profession that brings people fully alive and back into a dynamic, fully engaged relationship with themselves? Join the wonderful training courses along with other like-mined people on a holistic health and wellbeing journey.

Visit: www.healthcreation.co.uk/training
Email: rosy.daniel@healthcreation.co.uk
Call: 01225-745737

  • Health Creation Mentor Session
The Health Creation Mentors trained by Dr Rosy Daniel can coach you through a six-month Health Creation Programme to support, guide and motivate you in reaching your potential for health, happiness and fulfilment.

To explore Mentorship either call the Helpline 01225-745737 or email support@healthcreation.co.uk

  • The Golden Path Spiritual Development Programme – for those seeking to explore their own spirituality personally, or as a prelude to becoming a Spiritual Mentor
Would you like to join a spiritual development programme in order to understand where you are on your own spiritual journey? Would you like to explore your spiritual beliefs, knowledge and experience, and better understand your challenges and spiritual growth? Would you like to explore with others the big questions of how we can live and die consciously, and how we can apply our spirituality in everyday life?

Tel: 01225-745737
Email: rosy.daniel@healthcreation.co.uk

*All courses and workshops are provided by Dr Rosy Daniel and not Weleda UK.