Raise the bar with Weleda Shower Bars

Our luxurious plant-based body wash comes in a solid bar wrapped in recyclable zero-plastic packaging. Pamper your senses with one of four mood-enhancing scents from 100% natural essential oils, and breathe in deeply as they come to life in the steam of the shower.

Why start your day with a Shower Bar?

Designed to elevate the shower experience, each Shower Bar is packed full of certified natural ingredients to soften and pamper the skin. All the goodness you would expect from Weleda in a solid format! They include:

- Indulgent fragrances created from 100% natural essential oils.

- Caring organic shea butter and plant-based glycerin.

- A biodegradable and vegan formula of 100% natural origin.

- No synthetic detergents or artificial foaming agents.

Introducing four brand new pampering fragrances

At Weleda we have over 100 years’ experience in creating beautiful scents from 100% natural essential oils. With cleverly composed fragrances designed by our Weleda in-house perfumers, our new Shower Bars surprise your senses as they come alive in the steam of the shower.

Ginger & 


An invigorating blend of spicy ginger and reviving petitgrain that enlivens the senses and boosts energy. No morning coffee needed!

Lavender & 


Soothing, relaxing and peaceful, this mellow blend of Lavender and woody Vetiver paves the way for a restful sleep.

Ylang Ylang & 


The rich, floral sweetness of Ylang Ylang combined with the subtle, powdery fragrance of Iris helps to harmonise the mind and body.

Geranium & 

Litsea Cubeba

Uplifting and mood-boosting. The floral fragrance of Geranium and sweet and citrusy Litsea Cubeba bring joy to your shower.

Solid shower bar, creamy shower experience

Rich, organic shea butter and plant-based glycerin wrap your body in a creamy, skin-loving lather which rinses away easily. Soft clean skin awaits!

Kind to skin and kind to nature

- The simple cardboard packaging is plastic-free*, made from at least 55% recycled raw materials, and you can recycle it again!
- The concentrated formula uses less water than liquid products, so each shower bar lasts approximately as long as two 150ml Weleda shower washes.
- All Shower Bars are NATRUE-certified, made from 100% plant-based ingredients and are vegan and biodegradable.
*(except varnish, glue and ink)

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Find out how we source our sustainable ingredients

  • Shea butter - We source much of our organic shea butter from established suppliers in Western Africa. The fruit is collected sustainably from the wild. The nutrient-rich shea nuts ripen in the intense sunshine, harnessing the sun’s power in their buttery goodness.
  • Iris - The soft powdery scent of iris resinoid comes from the iris rhizome or orris root. We have worked with a cooperative of small-scale organic farmers in the Atlas mountains in Morocco for many years. It takes 20 tonnes of dried organic roots to produce around 500 kilos of fragrance.
  • Lavender - Our lavender is largely sourced from long-term farming partners in Moldova where the organic lavender is cultivated biodynamically, and harvested by hand. For every hundred kilos of lavender flowers only one kilo of oil is extracted.

What do our customers think about the Shower Bars?

"I truly surprised myself by how much I actually enjoy using this shower bar. It can also be easily packed for a weekend or a longer getaway, not taking much space in your bag or suitcase, as well as guaranteeing there will be no messy spills when you arrive at your destination. It’s handy if you children travel to competitions or sports/summer camps, as you can be sure that they will keep their hands and body clean, without upsetting skin’s natural PH-balance. And really, an effective, 100% plant-based, naturally fragranced, biodegradable, Natrue-certified shower bar – what’s NOT to like in this evolution of a practical daily bodycare product that makes your skin and your senses feel indulged?"

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