Tired? It isn’t surprising

After years of not taking a mid-day nap, you are now ready to do so, You don’t see the end of a film because you have fallen asleep. You are tired more often than before. Don’t worry it won’t last for the whole of your pregnancy.

Why am I so tired?

This phase lasts normally 12 to 14 weeks. Your body is working extremely hard and is currently getting ready for the wonderful, but strenuous task ahead of you.. Your hormones alter bringing about changes such as increased blood volume, a faster heart beat and your blood pressure drops (caused by the increase in blood volume) which may sometimes lead to feeling faint, tiredness and feelings of exhaustion. It is quite normal during pregnancy to feel more tired than usual and that's whyyou need to take more rest.

Tips to combat tiredness

Don’t fight against tiredness. Eventually during the course of the pregnancy you will feel less tired. Until then you can do various simple things, such as having plenty of fresh air and drinking plenty of fluids which will help blood circulation. If you are working in an office and are sitting a lot, get up frequently, open the window and take breaths of fresh air.  A morning shower using Weleda Citrus shower gel, which with its fresh scent invigorates the senses helps to get you into a good mood. The delicate mixture of pure essential oils will also be well tolerated by pregnant women with a sensitive 'nose'. Afterwards bathe your legs, alternating with warm then cold water and so on, ending with cold. You may immerse your legs up to the upper thighs – this is good stimulation for your veins which will be working hard during the next few months.