Buy a different kind of Christmas tree

This year many of us will be looking for gifts that are ethically sourced, sustainable, with minimal packaging or waste, and ideally gifts that give back. We all want to make Christmas a more meaningful and less wasteful celebration.
This Christmas Weleda has partnered with UK charity TreeSisters, and every purchase will help fund the planting of tropical trees, sequestering carbon and directly replenishing the world's forests. With a focus on initiatives either run by women or supporting women around the world, the charity funds tropical reforestation projects worldwide.
Weleda’s 2020 gift collection is all about caring: caring for our health and wellbeing, caring for our friends and families through thoughtful gifts, and caring for the planet through minimal packaging and products made with UEBT-certified sustainable raw materials, and NATRUE-certified natural formulations, free from petrochemical derivatives or artificial additives, and with no animal testing.

The NEW Weleda collection really strikes a chord with 12 stylishly simple and affordable gifts - to suit a range of budgets - that care for both people and planet. The sustainably packaged gifts are printed on board made from largely post-consumer recycled material mixed with FSC certified board, using solvent free vegetable inks, to minimise carbon impact. There are no plastic inserts or cellophane wrapping; all gift boxes are easily and entirely recyclable.
For each gift purchased you will be planting a tree with TreeSisters.

About Tree Sisters – Women Seeding Change

The total number of trees funded to date is nearly 13,000,000.

“We exist to rebuild our relationship between people and nature. Our uniqueness as an environmental organisation is that we are combination of women’s work and empowerment and consciousness shift and measurable ecological restoration. 
When you give to TreeSisters you are growing forest corridors between the last remaining fragments of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest, restoring vital territories for some of our most endangered species. You are growing buffer zone community forests in Nepal to help protect the last 7% of what was once verdant Jhapa canopy forest, and restoring ancient cloud forest in one of the most biodiverse regions in Northeast India, while restoring soil fertility through agroforestry in the drought plagued South. In Madagascar you are helping men and women out of indentured slavery as they become foresters, restoring both the Mangrove forest that protects their coasts and rehabilitates fish stocks, and the inland forests that house some of the most endangered species of indigenous Lima. In Africa you are restoring rivers, streams and groundwater by reforesting the slopes of Mount Kenya that are so critical for agriculture. And you are growing a protective buffer of forest around the last 250 Cross River gorillas in Cameroon.
Climate change is not a spectator sport – it’s time for all of us to get off the bench and start playing this game, to make a difference.”

Claire Dubois, Founder, Tree Sisters