Weleda Organic Flower Card

As part of our Get Green Fingers campaign, to inspire everyone to get planting, we’re sending our online customers a free seed card which is embedded with organic flower seeds and simple to plant out in the garden or in a pot, to encourage us all to get green fingers!

This ingenious postcard is made from recycled cotton fibres and is a fun and sustainable way to either start gardening or to encourage biodiversity in your garden. Vegetable ink has been used to print on the seed paper, so it’s non-toxic and fine to plant anywhere. Choose a sunny spot, maybe somewhere in the flower bed, or in a patio container or a window box.

If you have a vegetable patch or allotment, a little companion planting amongst your salad leaves will help attract those beneficial insects!

Just lightly cover the seed card with a little soil or peat free compost, water it in and keep it moist (but not too wet) over the next few months. Choose a sunny spot to encourage the seeds to germinate. Think of it as a little gift to the garden.

The ideal time to plant is between now and the end of June. The seeds embedded in each card will differ slightly, so we can’t confirm exactly which flowers you will get - as every gardener knows, nature is full of surprises!

Do share your pictures on your social channels, and tag @WeledaUK using the hashtag #getgreenfingers, as your flowers grow over the next few months. We look forward to seeing them bloom!

weleda organic seed card planting instructions
weleda organic seed card
planting weleda organic seed card