Weleda is excited to announce the launch of a stylish new consumer magazine, Werde, which will be available in the UK for the first time. Previously only available in German, Werde has a circulation of 110,000 and will now also be published in English. As part of Weleda’s sustainability programme, Werde aims to make a cultural contribution to environmental protection and positive social change. A non-profit initiative, printing and producing the magazine is financed by proceeds from the sale of the magazine (£4.95 cover price) whilst editorial costs such as writing and editing of the magazine are financed by Weleda.

Although funded by Weleda, this is an independent consumer magazine, not a Weleda customer magazine and it is not about Weleda directly. Some of Weleda’s sustainable farming partnerships or suppliers feature in the magazine from time to time, or like-minded organisations or individuals whose values reflect Weleda’s own values.

The magazine's title Werde translates as "will be" or "going to be". This is a reference to that moment of transition, when someone or something is on the brink of change. This magazine hopes to inspire that change.

In each issue we meet people who are taking significant steps towards making the world a better and healthier place. In our socially and ecologically challenging times, Werde seeks out stories of positive change.  Often the stage set for these tales is the natural world, each story shared in a quiet, relaxed narrative style. Werde hopes to inspire and empower readers to shape the world and preserve its beauty.

Werde is a magazine with a sense for aesthetics, a love for the printed page and the written word. A top quality full colour publication, it’s printed on FSC recycled paper, perfect bound and measures 285x220mm.

Edited by Christoph Möldner, the magazine will be published twice yearly in the UK, with a second issue planned for the autumn. The launch edition contains 124 pages of beautiful photographs and stories that will appeal to the eco conscious consumer.