You Are Nature.

Everything you are has its complement in nature.

You know the feeling when you are out in nature and you instantly feel more alive? No wonder. Nature is in us; we are a part of nature. We share the same origins, we grow, we thrive, we blossom, we shine. A closer look reveals that plants and human beings have many similarities. That‘s why nothing makes us look and feel better than reconnecting with the natural world.

You and nature – it’s a match!

Take a closer look at how deeply connected you are with nature

Hungry to get nature back in your life?

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Our commitments as an ethical brand

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100% of ingredients of natural origin *

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81% of our certified organic extracts

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We have the largest garden of medicinal plants in Europe with 23 hectares on which flourish 50 different types of birds and 30 species of wild bees

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We manage nearly 250 km² of agricultural land in an organic way around the world

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Weleda has 50 long-term partnerships with organic producers around the world

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100% renewable energies are used on our Swiss, German and French production sites; 91% for other subsidiaries

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Weleda aligns its sustainable development goals with those published by the United Nations in 2015

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98% of the waste produced during the manufacture of our products is reused

* Vegetable oils mainly first cold pressing, plant extracts, essential oils, natural waxes.

Harnessing nature’s power since 1921.

As a pioneer in biodynamic farming, Weleda has been a green beauty brand long before it became the fashion. For decades we have stayed true to our principles, setting milestones, improving our holistic way of growing and creating natural, herbal medicines and beauty products. Often to the same original, authentic recipes that nurture, replenish and care for body and soul.

Renewing people’s belief in nature.

Our principles are founded on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and the belief that the body has an ability to heal itself when supported by nature. Our potent formulations with natural ingredients give targeted support to the body’s own processes. It is this foundation that makes Weleda unique.

Our carefully selected superpower plants.

The rose flower for example, with its many varieties and scents, is seen as the queen of all flowers. One of the most effective oils to smooth the skin is that of the rosa mosqueta, which is used in Weleda Wild Rose Face and Body Care, whilst the beautiful scent of rosa damascena harmonises and relaxes body and soul.