Birch Juice 250ml

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A certified organic drink with birch leaf extract to gently cleanse the entire system – thereby restoring vitality and bringing a healthy glow to skin

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The bright, fresh leaves of birch in spring are full of dynamic essences being carried from the roots to the leaves. We harvest young leaves from controlled wild collections and carefully process them to preserve natural flavonoids, saponins and tannins. Biodynamic lemon juice completes the treat. Fresh and tart-tasting, it’s ideal as part of a spring or autumn régime.
Board of Control:  DE-ÖKO-007

  • Gently supports the body
  • Tart, tasty flavour
  • Certified organic
  • Uses high quality ingredients from biologically dynamic cultivation, and certified wild collection
  • Suitable for vegans

Aqueous extract of Birch leaves*, Lemon Juice**
 *From certified, controlled wild collection
 **Biodynamically grown
Organic Certification: DE-ÖKO-007

How to use:
Two to three times a day, mix a tablespoonful with cold or warm water, or add to milk, yoghurt, quark or muesli. For maximum benefit complement with Sea Buckthorn Elixir.
Reviews (2)
  • My husband has asthma,chronic rhinitis,weak immunity,every couple of weeks he used to get cold.
    He started to take Birth Juice and Sea Buckthorn Elixir only one tablespoon of each 3 times a week and the juices worked as a miracle. He used to catch cold every couple of weeks, it would last for 2,3 days e since he has started to take these juices he has not catch a cold since then. We have 2 toddlers, one is in reception, she brings a lot of disease from school and he has been ok. I never believed that he could build his immunity system so quickly. I highly recommend.
  • Excellent
    I have taken Birch Juice in conjunction with Sea Buckthorn Elixir with fabulous results. I feel healthier, stronger with reduced skin problems and improved digestive health. I couldn't recommend more highly.

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