Sea Buckthorn Elixir 250ml

Item No. 203010
Certified organic fruit-juice drink with natural sweetness from sugar and honey

Unique-tasting Sea Buckthorn berries, sun-ripened and sweetened for a delicious solar-powered drink, containing vitamin C

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Made with revitalising organic Sea Buckthorn, and naturally sweetened with organic honey and sugar, this certified organic elixir is ideal to help support vitality and the body's natural defences. The golden Sea Buckthorn berries are a natural source of vitamin C, together with potent antioxidants vitamin E and provitamin A that help fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidative stress, helping maintain a healthy immune system. This distinctive elixir sings with sunshine - an ideal boost to help us keep up with the demands of a hectic life, or during convalescence.

Suitable for vegetarians. NOT suitable for diabetics.

Sugar, Pure Sea Buckthorn Juice, Honey
Organic ingredient 
Energy per 100ml: 1425kj (342Kcal)/ Vitamin C 120mg (200% of RDA)

Organic Certification: DE-ÖKO-007

How to use:
Two or three times a day, mix a tablespoonful with cold or warm water, milk or yoghurt. Complements Weleda Birch Juice  in a spring or autumn regime.

Reviews (3)
  • Beautiful
    I take mine neat off a spoon or drizzled on yoghurt .. it is so beautiful & tasty , I also put in juice for my kids and they love it to ! So good over the winter period … x
  • great natural vitamin C but too sweet
    I love Sea Buckthorn as a source of natural vitamin C and I've been drinking Weleda's for more than 20 years however this Elixir is too sweetened. I remember there used to be choice to buy the elixir or juice version; I bought the juice during a trip in Germany and it had no added sugar therefore felt healthier. I'm 50 years old and need to watch my sugar intake, I'll have to find the one without sugar or change brand
  • Excellent and Delicious
    I have taken Sea Buckthorn Elixir in conjunction with Birch Juice with fabulous results. I feel healthier, stronger with reduced skin problems and improved digestive health. I couldn't recommend more highly.

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