Foot Baths - Hydrotherapy

Indulge your senses and your emotions - explore the benefits Weleda bath milks selflessly offer.

Some say, they simply have no time to take a bath, never mind consider a foot bath. If this is the case, this is exactly what you need and deserve, please make time. You will be impressed with the lasting result. When you take time out, create space, bring yourself into the present and REALLY bathe with intent, the effects are profound….

With the overload of information and speed we live at today, the forgotten practice of bathing is an excellent therapeutic tool we can use to keep ourselves in balance.

Bathing supports the processing of sensory input and can enable us to feel grounded, focussed and calm.

Nowadays we have such a strong emphasis on cerebral activity. A foot bath is a simple and incredibly effective method which can ‘draw us’ out of the head, back into our body, enabling a feeling of security and support.

For better and longer-lasting results, the foot baths should be taken regularly, following a rhythm.

Rhythm is an inherent part of life, and therefore forms an essential link in the healing process.

We need warmth to facilitate healing, so bathing at the correct temperature is very important.

Too hot – may induce headaches, raise blood pressure or cause anxiety.

Too cool – may have an overall cooling effect, lead to feeling unwell or drained of energy, contraction of fibres and a general hardening gesture.

Around blood temperature,37C, is ideal, human life processes take place at this temperature.

For full body bathing, please follow the foot bath principle.

To get started, carefully choose the bath milk that resonates with your needs.

  • Rosemary – brings warmth, strength, consciousness, mentally stimulating and enlivening. Traditionally rosemary enables circulation (NB ideal for diabetics and those suffering from Raynaud’s or poor circulation). The perfect, WAKE-UP call. (use in moderation in the evening to avoid over-stimulation). A fiery and arousing aroma with an overall dominant warming effect.
  • Lavender is pure, gentle, soothing and restful. It calms and controls the senses and enables relaxation. Choose Lavender in moments where ‘there is a rush of blood to the head’ for example when there is tension or stress.
  • Lemon is enlivening, embodying, clarifying, centering, grounding and very refreshing. Ideal when there are many mental and physical demands, fatigue, depression, headaches, cold, cough, flu.
  • Rose is ideal for times when you need a hug, a little love, some TLC. Nurturing, harmonising and caring, soothing and comforting, promoting love for yourself and those around you.
  • Pine, imagine taking a walk in a fresh pine laden forest. Feel the strengthening vapours enliven you as you inhale clearing the head and refreshing your senses. Ideal during episodes of mental or physical exhaustion, enabling a bronchial boost. (Not suitable for children).
  • Arnica Muscle Soak, for soothing the mind whilst offering time out and a moments relaxation during periods of over-exertion and weariness. The restorative properties of Arnica with purifying properties of Birch are delicately balanced by Lavender and Rosemary. A winning combination to allow restoration.

In advance

Make sure that your room is comfortably warm. Look out a large bath sheet and perhaps lay some slippers or socks on a radiator (soft natural clothing for full body bathing). You should keep warm during and straight after the treatment. Prepare a hot water bottle if necessary.


  • Fill a container large enough to put both feet in, with enough warm water to cover to just over the ankles.
  • Chose which bath milk you need, considering your emotional and your physical needs.
  • Add a small amount of matching natural element eg rosemary sprigs, lavender blossoms, rose petals, pine needles or lemon slices.
  • With one hand, make a slow movement describing the figure 8 through the water (lemniscate). The movement should be rounded and carried out rhythmically. Keep this going, until you feel the water is actually ‘following’ your hand.
  • Carefully measure 2 capfuls of the chosen bath milk and add to the water, continuing to disperse the bath milk, gently, in a lemniscate motion, with mental focus and breathing in the aromas. Replace the cap on the bath milk bottle.
  • Immerse your feet and inhale deeply..
  • Cover your legs with the bath sheet and allow yourself a moments contemplation.
  • 15 – 20 minutes is usually long enough, if longer is desired, more warm water may be added.
  • Gently lift feet out one at a time and place a warm dry towel to over each leg (using hot water bottle underneath if necessary). When feeling suitably rested, the skin should be completely dried and warm socks, slippers adorned.

How good do you feel now?!?

Now make a promise and repeat at regular intervals!