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Are you looking for a way of working that complements your passion for wellbeing and a better way of living?

The name ‘Weleda’ originates from the ancient title of distinction given to wise women who advised their Celtic tribes about family and community matters. They were healers, offering physical and spiritual support, and had great knowledge of plants and natural remedies – rather like an early apothecary or herbalist.

All Weleda’s Wellbeing Advisors are ‘Weledas’; the company has built a wonderful network of wise women and men to advise and support people in their local community, sharing their know-how to introduce them to a more natural path to health and beauty.

With just 5 to 10 hours per month to spare, you can build a sustainable, part-time income. You don’t need to have any experience or existing skills, other than the ability to use a computer as a basic business tool. All that’s required to become an advisor is a passion for natural and organic products. Being able to talk to people easily is a very useful skill, but Weleda isn’t looking for pushy sales people. In fact, quite the opposite.

The focus for a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor is not really selling products; it’s a way of sharing knowledge and experience of natural health, beauty and wellbeing. You wouldn’t be set individual sales targets so you can take things at your own pace, and sell as much or as little as you like so – just like Weleda’s products – the job will work in harmony with you and your life.

Being part of a nurturing and supportive network means prior experience doesn’t matter, either – if you have a genuine passion for natural and organic living you’ll be taught and guided through everything you need. There’s plenty of business support too if you decide you want to set your own goals and grow your networks.

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