Rhinodoron Nasal Spray 20ml

Item No. 206036
Nasal Spray with Aloe Vera gel in an isotonic salt solution

Moisturises, cleans and cares for dry nasal passages

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Natural nasal spray that comes as a neat little medical device to moisturise and clean the nasal passages, particularly when they are dry. Rhinodoron cares for the nose when the air is dry, during the winter and when the pollen count is high. Made with soothing organic aloe vera to moisturise and care, in a natural saline solution that perfectly matches the body's balance of sodium and potassium salts, the spray is well tolerated by the mucous membranes. Being 100% natural means Rhinodoron can be used safely over protracted periods for daily nasal hygiene. Rhinodoron moisturises and cleans nasal passages, particularly when the nasal mucosa is dry or when there is a build-up of dry crusts inside the nose.

Rhinodoron can be used for the hygienic care of the nasal passages of babies who cannot blow their own noses.

Suitable for vegans.

Always read the leaflet/label.

1g of isotonic solution contains: Sodium chloride 5mg, Potassium chloride 5mg, Aloe vera gel (Aloe barbadensis leaf in. juice) 5ml, Water for injections.
Free from artificial preservatives.

How to use:
1-2 sprays into each nostril, 2-6 times daily.
Do not take orally.
Store at room temperature.
Discard 6 months after opening.

Reviews (14)
  • Amazing
    I had a very crusty nose, which after a month of suffering painful places all up my nose After two days of using this product, a great improvement. I am delighted with the. results, and highly recommend it.
  • I can breathe
    I initially bought this spray in the hope it would reduce my snoring, but it hasn't. Worth a try though because it clears my nose and that helps me sleep better.
  • Great Product
    I have used this product for many years. Prior to using this I had been having nose bleeds however, after being recommended this by a herbalist, it seems to really help.
  • Nice product
    I like the nose spray it smells nice and stops my nose from feeling dry, sore and itchy.
  • Really helped
    I love this product it really helped to clear my nose and relieve symptoms of hayfever. It is very light and refreshing. I would also be happy to continue to use this throughout the winter to help keep my nose moisturised.
  • Great product
    Really effective at relieving symptoms after a few days but continued to use through the hayfever period.
  • As good as steroid sprays
    I tried this nasal spray because I have a dust allergy that causes me a lot of issues. I used to use a steroid nasal spray but this could often make my nose sore after prolonged use. This has been as effective whilst not providing all the negative symptoms of the steroid alternative.
  • Amazing product
    This is so easy yo use and much better than other products i have tried.
  • Works for hayfever
    I love using this when I get hayfever, it really helps soothe and clear my nose as well as helps to moisturise - rather than drying as other products do.
  • Lovely natural option
    With rhinitis/sinusitis (sometimes triggered by airborne allergies eg hay fever) a constantly running nose actually causes a very dry, sore nose inside. I have found standard nasal sprays make things even drier if used longer-term. But this spray can be used for protracted periods due to the moisturising aloe vera. It really soothes and calms the irritation, moisturises and so reduces the soreness and dryness, and generally makes things much more comfortable and less painful. I regularly keep a bottle by my bedside to ensure a better night's sleep.
  • It works
    I used the Weleda hayfever relief spray and Rhinodoron nasal spray during the hayfever season but anti histamines for any other allergies, but changed a couple of years ago. I now only use both for any allergy and have not needed to use anti histamines since. The rhinodoron spray keeps the nasal passages clear as well as moisturised.
  • Really works
    Helped me immensely during hay fever season
  • Sparay
  • Very effective
    I use it in my toddler and when she was a baby and it really works. She hates when I apply it but truth is she can breath and sleep again for another few hours. I love to hear her breathe clearly even though it is a pain to apply it.

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