Teething & Teeth Care

As well as an effective treatment for gripe and painful swollen gums, doctors and midwives also recommend calming Chamomilla for the minor tummy upsets that often accompany teething, and to generally soothe crying or fractious infants who are difficult to settle.

Chamomile is also an age-old herbal aid to indigestion, to soothe a bloated stomach, trapped wind or crampy tummy pains, or simply to relax mind and body and help prepare for a good night’s sleep. Chamomile works with the body in a gentle sympathetic way that makes it an ideal ingredient for infant remedies.

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Baby Chamomile Teething Granules 15g
Item No. 207002
Chamomile Teething Granules 15g
BABY Weather Protect Crm 30ml
Item No. 105007
Calendula Weather Protection Cream 30ml
Children's Tooth Gel 50ml
Item No. 101005
Children's Tooth Gel 50ml