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We understand that healthy skin should be balanced with differing needs dependant upon age and not skin type. Using our unique 'Lead Plant Philosophy' we have created a range of super-nutritional regimes to support your skin as you go through life, preparing it for the way ahead.

Iris: using active ingredients from the biodynamic iris root, this helps regulate and balance skin making it ideal for hormonal, young skin.
Wild Rose: precious rosa mosqueta seed oil active ingredients strengthens and supports the skin's structure, helping it retain moisture and combat the first signs of fine lines.
Pomegranate: the antioxidant rich active ingredients of the pomegranate seed oil is used exclusively in our anti-ageing range for regenerating and supporting cell renewal.
Evening Primrose: active ingredients of the evening primrose stabilise and strengthen post menopausal skin helping it retain bloom and radiance.

Our facial skincare active ingredients are supported with a range of exceptionally mild cleansing systems for all skin types.

We have two award-winning specialist skincare ranges - Almond Sensitive Skincare and for problem skin, we have our Aknedoron Purifying Range.

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