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Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Range - a new facial care system for blemished skin.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the UK, leading to 3.5m visits to the doctor every year. Over 95% of adolescents in the western world are affected at some point. But it’s not just teenagers that feel in the spotlight, so to speak. What woman hasn’t felt the discomfort of an angry red spot on her face heralding her period? Even well into our 40s hormones can play havoc with the natural balance of the skin and upset a clear complexion1. Diet, stress, pollution and other lifestyle factors all play a part.

All products in our Aknedoron Purifying Range are NATRUE certified natural and are made without mineral oils or petrochemical derivatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or parabens. With five products to cleanse, soothe, hydrate, mattify and treat, the result is a complete care system for blemish-prone skin.
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Refining Lotion 30ml
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