Problem skin

We understand that healthy skin should be balanced with differing needs dependant upon age and not skin type. Using our unique 'Lead Plant Philosophy' we have created a range of super-nutritional regimes to support your skin as you go though life, preparing it for the way ahead:

All it takes is Thyme
Student Kimberley Sanderson and supervisor, Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada, a Senior Lecturer in Microbiology and Genetics at Leeds Metroplitan, recently revealed that a solution using the common herby thyme - an active ingredient in our Aknedoron Purifying and Aknedoron Cleansing Lotions - was more effective in killing acne bacterium than traditional chemical-based creams.

Acne is caused by a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes, which infects the skin pore and then forms a pimple. Currently, the most common treatments for acne are antibiotics or a topical cream or wash containing benzoyl peroxide. These treatments are often associated with side-effects, for example benzoyl peroxide often causes a burning sensation on the skin and irriation.
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