Prepare to stretch naturally

Two bespoke Pilates rituals to help support your body during pregnancy

Weleda has partnered with Pilates expert and holistic health coach Zoe-Maia to create a series of prenatal movement rituals to help support you and your bump safely throughout your pregnancy journey. Zoe trained as a holistic health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is trained in pre and postnatal Pilates as well as the classical Pilates method. Her Pilates classes combine over a thousand hours of teaching, training and education.

1. An energising morning flow to help prepare you for the day ahead

2. An evening ritual to help you wind down and prepare for sleep

Support your growing bump with Weleda's certified natural Stretch Mark products. Made with organic and natural ingredients to support your skin, our products are proven to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent new stretch marks forming.

Elizabeth King, Weleda UK's skincare expert says, "The daily practice of applying specially formulated creams and massaging the stomach area, breasts and fat depot areas during pregnancy may not only help the prevention of stretch marks and maintain or improve skin's elasticity, but abdominal massage also encourages parents to connect with their baby during pregnancy. Massaging the growing bump provides the opportunity to talk to baby, as well as noticing and responding to movements."