Inspired by the iconic Skin Food Original and Weleda’s long-held holistic approach to skincare, Weleda has teamed up with leading food-based supplement brand Cytoplan to produce The Complete Skin Food Regime, which includes two nourishing skincare creams and a unique new Skin Food Complex, in a beautifully boxed set, all suitable for vegans.

The combination of Cytoplan’s NEW Skin Food Complex to nourish the deep layers, partnered with Weleda’s Day and Night Creams to intensively nourish, protect, replenish and renew the surface skin layers, work as the perfect partners to feed your skin inside and out.

Nourishing skin naturally with this powerful combination
Drying central heating or air-conditioning, and cold winds and weather all take their toll on our skin over the winter months. Intensively nourish your skin around the clock with the Weleda Skin Food Nourishing Day and Night Cream. Formulated with Skin Food’s original signature botanicals – rosemary, wild pansy, calendula, chamomile, sunflower - the creams are clinically proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting moisture, and are suitable for women and men of all ages with skin that has a tendency to dryness, or as a nourishing boost for skin going through a dry phase.

Skin Food Nourishing Day Cream 40ml Ve
Formulated to intensively nourish dry skin, hydrate and restore radiance. Skin Food’s time-honoured combination of pure plant oils and extracts is complimented by organic olive leaf extract for its protective antioxidant effect, and skin-smoothing olive squalane, to maintain a healthy skin barrier and protect against dryness. This silky skin saviour glides on beautifully, instantly hydrating and absorbing easily whilst delivering long-lasting moisturisation.

Skin Food Nourishing Night Cream 40ml Ve
This nourishing night cream includes precious organic cold-pressed sacha inchi oil, rich in alpha linoleic acid prized for its cell-regenerating properties. Organic shea butter gets to work during the skin’s nightly repair phase to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function. Plus centella asiatica extract for its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and encourage the skin to regenerate and recover, so you wake to a radiant, silky-soft complexion.

Skin Food Complex 2x60 capsules Ve
The new Skin Food Complex is an all-encompassing nutritional formula to nourish, feed and enrich your skin from the inside out. Formulated with purposeful skin-targeted and naturally sourced ingredients - including collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, grape seed and bilberry extracts, silica, zinc and more – which collectively offer a high level of structural, reparative, nourishing support designed to revitalise your skin from within.

Future-proofing your skin with the Skin Food Regime

Consider your skin’s phase as a journey rather than a fixed state or ‘type’. Your daily skincare routine should provide the best possible support for your skin’s current phase. Work with your skin’s 28-day cycle, the interval needed for cells to renew. You should begin to see a change in how your skin looks and feels shortly after you start using your Weleda Skin Food Face Care, but changes will be more noticeable after 28 days and beyond. You should see a week-on-week improvement, as dryness is replaced by a healthy glow.

The Complete Skin Food Regime is designed to optimise the health and vitality of both the deep layers of skin as they develop and the visible surface layer which appears a few weeks later. Only if skin receives the best nourishment in the development stages can you ensure resilient, healthy, glowing, moisturised skin during its cycle. However, once it reaches the surface your skin is subjected to many environmental and other damaging influences that can dull its appearance and reduce vitality. That's why together we've created a complete regime to ensure resilient healthy skin from the inside and outside.

“Our skin has its own rhythm: day and night, monthly and seasonal. Skin that is balanced and full of vitality is when the skin’s processes are functioning optimally. When our skin loses its rhythm, it can quickly become out of balance, dull, dry, dehydrated and sensitive. Establishing a daily skin care regime that supports the skin in regaining and maintaining those rhythms is the first essential step for skin health.”
Elizabeth King, Weleda Skincare Expert

“As a holistic health and beauty brand, the idea of Weleda coming coming together with Cytoplan to develop a nourishing skincare regime that cares holistically for skin – from both inside and out – felt a natural fit. Inspired by our original Skin Food cream from 1926, we’ve captured some of the magic of that iconic beauty product in a holistic skincare set that harnesses the power of nature. We’ve used the very best quality natural and organic ingredients we can grow or source, to create a skincare regime to nourish on all levels.”
Jayn Sterland, Managing Director, Weleda UK