The Weleda Accredited Holistic Esthetician Directory

If you would like to experience the Weleda Signature Facial, find one of our accredited estheticians in the directory below. And don't forget, if you'd like to become an esthetician yourself, sign up to our accredited holistic esthetician course here.

Described as a holistic wellbeing treatment, the Weleda Signature Facial is so much more than a facial alone. Using Weleda’s certified natural and organic skincare, together with mindful and rhythmical movements, the aim is to restore rhythm and vitality to the skin, while taking the client into a quiet space of inner calm and deep relaxation. These unique Weleda practices and products connect both esthetician and client with nature, which has been at the heart of Weleda’s purpose since 1921.

Weleda’s signature facial is not a mechanical treatment of the face dictated by the product - wash, scrub, polish, buff - this treatment meets you and your skin in a way that is both respectful and supportive of the skin’s rhythms and processes, giving benefits that are sustainable and cumulative. A facial that takes you on a journey to feeling at home in your skin.
Kate Irving, Weleda Esthetician Trainer

Karen Green
Name: Karen Green

Location: Cornwall

Business Name: The Green Room

Contact Number: 07711 709 023

Professional Profile: Exclusively trained by Weleda, Karen offers holistic skincare and wellbeing advice from her treatment room on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. Using the Anthroposophic skin philosophy, Karen’s Holistic Esthetician facial can help your skin find its own balance, making you feel more at home in your own skin. Experience a deeply relaxing, holistic treatment which restores the rhythm and vitality of the skin, in support of your overall wellbeing.
Kate Irving
Name: Kate Irving

Location: South Yorkshire/Derbyshire

Contact Number: 07816 791 239

Professional Profile: Kate works with clients in both Sheffield and Wirksworth offering treatments to help with a variety of skin concerns - to soothe irritation and redness, calm congestion and outbreaks, or restore vibrancy to dull, tired skin.  With 20+ years' experience in skin care and massage Kate is also a trainer on the Weleda Holistic Esthetician course.

Sirka Moore
Name: Sirka Moore

Location: Lancashire

Business Name: Life in Equilibrium

Contact Number: 07825 600 713

Professional Profile: From an early age, Sirka's strong connection to nature and music helped her find her inner balance. Sirka studied agriculture, which connected her to the rhythms of nature. She found both balance and rhythm again in the Holistic Esthetician Facial, and enhanced with the power of Weleda’s natural products and rhythmic activation movements, Sirka can take her clients on a truly relaxing and regenerating treatment journey, much sought after in today’s hectic life.
Caroline Burke
Name: Caroline Burke

Location: Derbyshire

Contact Number: 07718 124 877

Professional Profile:  Caroline has over 20 years' experience in the beauty industry and has been a part of the Weleda family for 10 years. With extensive knowledge and experience in holistic therapies and natural beauty treatments, Caroline’s passion is ultimately in facial massage and bringing wellbeing to those on her treatment couch through the power of gentle touch. Caroline works as a holistic therapist in Chesterfield, giving natural skincare advice and delivering relaxing, therapeutic treatments with her healing hands. She has recently added to her role within Weleda by becoming a trainer on the Weleda Esthetician course where she can share her wisdom and passion with those new to this sector.
Stef Mills
Name: Stef Mills

Location: Somerset

Business Name: Stef Mills Holistic Wellbeing

Contact Number: 07790 778 453

Professional Profile: After studying Horticulture 20 years ago, Stef developed a passion for the medicinal and therapeutic properties of plants. She became a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor in 2018, and Stef really loves to see how the plants in Weleda's products help support her clients' health and wellbeing. She is also a musician in her spare time and feels the rhythmical nature of the Weleda Holistic Facial treatment flowing naturally through her. Stef looks forward to helping you find your rhythm too.
Ashley Scott
Name: Ashley Scott

Location: Suffolk

Contact Number: 07719 410 719

Professional Profile: In 1996 Ashley's dream came true when she started studying herbal medicine and  working at Napiers Herbal Dispensary in Scotland. Her favourite department was manufacturing the lotions and potions, whilst training as a Reflexologist. A promotion took her to Cambridge where she qualified as a Dr.Hauschka esthetician. Ashley also enjoyed working for the Fairyland Trust and as a sensory gardener. Moving to Felixstowe she qualified in TuiNa, oncology massage, Spiritual and Rahanni healing and is one of the first Weleda estheticians.
Marina Kynoch
Name: Marina Kynoch

Location: Tyne and Wear

Business Name: Deep Roots Wellbeing

Contact Number: 07767 824 687

Professional Profile: Having trained in hairdressing and beauty in the 1970s, and always interested in natural health and wellbeing, Marina trained in horticulture, environmental conservation and Forest School in the 1990s. In 2018 she became a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, and in 2022 Marina qualified as one of the first Weleda Holistic Estheticians. She has come full circle now that she's sharing her passions and encouraging people to live in harmony with nature through Weleda and outdoor learning.
Amanda Bucher
Name: Amanda Bucher

Location: Gloucestershire

Contact Number: 07876 214 919

Professional Profile: Amanda, Weleda Advisor and now Accredited Weleda Esthetician, trained at The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy Canada graduating in 1997. After beginning her treatment practice working with sports injuries and pre-post natal clients in Hamburg and studying to become a Yoga teacher in Austria, she now works with clients in Gloucestershire-Cotswolds and London. Practising and experiencing the Weleda Holistic Facial Treatment has given Amanda an opportunity to offer a lighter touch with her hands, which is such a delight when nurturing busy nervous systems with the addition of beautiful softening and balance for skin. She welcomes this new phase of her treatments combined with her yoga teaching and love of nature and wild swimming.
Rosa Gomez Iranzo
Name: Rosa Gomez Iranzo

Location: London

Business Name:

Contact Number: 07407 120 066

Professional Profile: Rosa has been working as a Complementary Holistic Therapist since 2016 in three clinics around London and as a mobile pro in Tower Hamlets E14, London.
Her therapies include Weleda Holistic Esthetician Facial, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. As a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, Rosa uses Weleda products in all of her therapies. Rosa loves every one of her therapies and products, and it thrills her to see how her clients feel after having a treatment. Rosa's voluntary work giving treatments to people at the end of life offers her a great perspective on the quality of life a human being must have.
Lucy A'Bear
Name: Lucy A'Bear

Location: Builth Wells, Brecon, Hay-on-Wye

Business Name: Lucy A'Bear Weleda Esthetician & Wellbeing Advisor

Contact Number: 07765 564 411

Professional Profile: Lucy offers holistic facial treatments and skincare advice in Builth Wells, Brecon and Hay on Wye. She loves helping clients experience deep replenishing relaxation and softer, revitalised skin, as well as gently and effectively helping to address skin concerns.
Lucy worked as an organic horticulturist for 15 years and spending time in nature is a life-long passion.  Weleda’s values are in harmony with her own and she has used Weleda products for many years. She has enjoyed being a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor since 2016.  
Shearrie Edwards
Name: Shearrie Edwards

Location: Staffordshire

Business Name: Beauty & Holistics by Shearrie

Contact Number: 07790 813 614

Professional Profile: Shearrie is one of the first Weleda Holistic Estheticians, who is also a Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and offers other relaxing therapeutic treatments including Oncology therapies and M Technique. Shearrie's clinic is home based, with ample parking. Shearrie also has over twenty five years’ experience and has been a Weleda Advisor since 2017. Her treatments are deeply relaxing for whatever phase your skin is currently in and your concerns are addressed, for example dryness, blemishes, sensitivity or any other skin-related issues. Rhythm & Vitality returned back to your skin!
Lois Howard
Name: Lois Howard

Location: Norfolk

Business Name: Lois Howard Wellbeing

Contact Number: 07984 209 673

Professional Profile: Holistic Esthetician, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Weleda Advisor.
As an experienced therapist and teacher of over 38 years, Lois is very excited to be working from her new Wellbeing Studio in West Norfolk. In 2021 she became a Weleda Advisor, and in 2022 Lois took the opportunity to train as a Level 4 Holistic Esthetician enabling her to add the Weleda Signature Facial to the list of Wellbeing therapies she already offers. Easy parking and flexible treatment times are available.  
Melanie Baldwin
Name: Melanie Baldwin

Location: Aberdeenshire

Contact Number: 01651 851 072 or 07801 553 144

Professional Profile: Melanie's clinic is based at her home in rural Aberdeenshire (plenty of parking!). With over 36 years of experience as a therapist, she believe that gentle methods are often the most effective. Therefore, she is delighted to offer the Weleda Holistic Facial treatment that combines her love of Weleda products and Rhythmical Einreibung (RE). She can also offer RE as a treatment on its own, along with advanced remedial massage.
Teresa Kaczmarek
Name: Teresa Kaczmarek

Location: Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire

Contact Number: 07739 863 583

Professional Profile: Teresa offers the full Weleda Signature Facial Treatment and other Weleda treatments plus skincare consultations, either in comfortable surroundings in the Vale of Belvoir or by travelling locally to clients in the area who prefer a home visit. All skin phases are nourished and supported to alleviate or remove problematic expressions. Teresa treats the skin as part of the whole with lifestyle guidance offered to nurture your present moment needs.
Bronwyn Clark
Name: Bronwyn Clark

Location: Hereford

Business Name:
Bee's Beauty Room

Contact Number07958909085

Professional Profile: 
From a young age, Bronwyn danced ballet, which developed her awareness of the close connection between humans and nature - through the movement of body and energy. Bronwyn's path took her to qualify as a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Weleda Esthetician and wellbeing advisor and a Chinese Fire Cupping therapist. Weleda trained you will receive complete holistic health from the moment you walk in, wrapped with warmth and nourishment.✨️
Name: Evelyn Liddell

Location: Weleda Head Office, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Contact Number07500085158

Professional Profile: 
Evelyn is a pharmacist and homeopath at Weleda UK Head Office. Training as an esthetician has expanded Evelyn’s understanding of how the skin expresses our inner health. The Weleda Holistic Facial Treatment combines Evelyn’s passion for encouraging healthy self-regulation with wholesome relaxation: supporting your wellbeing and your natural rhythm.
Name: Narissa Slater

Location: Belper, Derbyshire & Weleda Head Office, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Contact: 07914202107

Professional Profile: Narissa has been working for Weleda UK Ltd since 2007 and has an in-depth knowledge of the medicines and natural organic skincare. She is able to combine this knowledge with her Anthroposophic wisdom to deliver a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment, supporting your emotional and physical wellbeing. Using premium Weleda products in the light-touch holistic facial treatment, to encourage rhythm and balance in the skin, increasing vitality and restoring healthy self-regulation, whilst helping to address any skin phases that are proving problematic.
Sabine Dahn
Name: Sabine Dahn

Location: Buckinghamshire

Contact Number: 07505 016359

Professional Profile: Sabine has many years’ experience in taking care of people’s wellbeing with a rounded whole person approach. She draws together her skills as a yoga therapist, the ancient ayurvedic oil application method of Amnanda and her expertise in skincare and general wellbeing as a Weleda Esthetician and Advisor. Stability, relaxation and rhythm are core qualities to reconfigure and maintain a healthy sense of self. The Facial Treatments with their blend of person and skin phase appropriate products brimming with nature’s healing properties provide a relaxing and deeply caring pathway to these qualities. Alongside, they also address potential skincare issues and guide in the direction of small everyday gestures of self-care.

Name: Emma Wise

Location: Northamptonshire

Business name: Breathe4Good

Contact Number: 07826 575558/

Professional Profile: Emma’s journey as a holistic therapist began in 2018, when she embarked on life-changing breathwork training, bringing to a close a 20+ year career in finance. She now works from her home in Northamptonshire offering a range of holistic therapies and running retreats and wellbeing events. Recognising the deep need for rest and nurturing in our fast-paced lives, Emma found in the Weleda Signature Facial treatment a perfect prescription for her clients, bringing to them a welcome sense of peace, harmony and balance.

Name: Yvonne Adebola

Location(s): London & Kent

Business name: SkinTouch Flow

Contact Number: 07904612936

Professional Profile: Yvonne is specialised in holistic skin and lymphatic care and exclusively offers Weleda's Signature Facial alongside Skincare Consultations. She believes in a personalised, inside outside approach to skincare - always respecting the skin barriers role in healthy skin. Based between London and Kent, you can find her at
Name: Ceris Cutter

Location: Ceredigion

Business name: Adeni

Contact number: 07572950576

Professional profile: Ceris qualified as an Esthetician in 2022 and enjoys offering Weleda signature facial treatments to her clients in Mid Wales. With a background in Osteopathy Ceris has gained valuable experience in working hands on and connecting with clients to support the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Name: Tracy Coleby

Location: Derbyshire & Cheshire

Business name: Awakening Health & Wellbeing Ltd

Contact number: 07515 705700

Professional profile: Tracey’s background is in nursing, having been a Macmillan nurse for the last 19 years. In 2020, Tracey experienced a life changing event which led her to become a health and wellbeing specialist. Since 2020 Tracey has trained as a Weleda wellbeing advisor, Weleda Esthetician, Health Creation Trainee Mentor, Cytoplan practitioner and is currently training to become a transformative circle leader with Rising connected. Tracey is passionate about helping others to improve their health and wellbeing using natural, organic products, treatments and an holistic approach.

Tracey offers Weleda Holistic Facial Treatments in her wellbeing room in Buxton, Riverside Wellbeing Centre in Whaley Bridge, Bollington Yoga studio in Cheshire and as a mobile service.
Name: Karla Nolan

Location: Inverness, Highlands

Business name: Rama Radiance Facials

Contact number: 07791304464

Professional Profile: Karla had a background in Complementary Therapies & Ayurvedic massage, before training as a Weleda Holistic Esthetician in Autumn 2023. She fell in love with Weleda following this so registered as a Weleda Health Advisor, alongside working as a Practice Nurse. She loves to support women in whatever they might be going through, and has a special interest in natural wellness & beauty, anxiety & low mood.