Plant a Weleda forest

Weleda pledges to plant a forest across the globe

In 2021 we celebrated our 100th birthday, and what better way to have marked this historic milestone whilst simultaneously looking to the future, than to commit to plant a Weleda forest in collaboration with the environmental charity TreeSistersThe aim of this long-term project is to plant hundreds of thousands of trees to preserve endangered habitats, combat climate change and save Earth's skin.

In 2022, as part of our Save Earth's Skin campaign, we worked with TreeSisters to plant a tree for every Skin Food product sold from April through to June on, through Weleda Wellbeing Advisors, and via selected retail partners. This is because planting trees is one of the best ways to protect Earth's soil. helped us plant 27,877 trees! Thank you!

What is our vision?

The Weleda vision is to plant a magnificent forest of trees. Not a single location but a forest of a hundreds of thousands of trees planted around the world where trees are needed most urgently - to reclaim endangered rainforest, prevent flooding or soil erosion, protect natural habitats, support local communities in some of the poorest countries in the world, and empower women in the workplace. TreeSisters funds tropical reforestation projects globally with a focus on initiatives either run by women or supporting women around the world.

What have we achieved so far?

227,835 trees have now been planted, and the forest keeps growing! The trees planted so far are across 12 locations in the tropics, capturing approximately 47,803 tonnes of carbon. The Weleda forest is taking shape through mangrove restoration in Madagascar, as well as dry deciduous forest restoration there, plus mangrove reforestation in Mozambique and West Papua, peat swamp reforestation in Borneo, reforestation of the Atlantic and Yorenka Tasorentsi forests in Brazil, additional forest restoration in Nepal and Mount Kenya, forest protection in the Congo, and agroforestry projects in India.

We have also been joined by Weleda Australia who are supporting our tree planting pledge, so we can populate the Weleda forest even faster. David Johnston, Managing Director of Weleda Australia, explained:

“Planting trees is such a basic, yet much needed action to balance the massive loss of trees worldwide. We couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with our Weleda family around the world, to reach our goal of planting a Weleda forest across the globe. Everyone in our company is passionate about this partnership and feels good knowing that our products support communities and help restore nature”.

“Tree planting is one of the most symbolic of actions – one we often choose to mark a special occasion, to remember a loved one, to commemorate the past, or look to the future by putting down roots and future growth. Funding the planting of trees is a way to invest in ourselves. Our forests are being destroyed through devastating forest fires caused by increasing temperatures in this climate emergency. Even a small donation of as little as 50p will ultimately help reforest our future.”

Why this initiative?

Trees are invaluable to Weleda wellbeing products as a source of precious ingredients - birch leaf extract, leaf oil from silver fir needles, willow bark and horse chestnut bark extracts, myrrh resin extract, apricot and almond seed oil from organic orchards, lemon peel oil from Mediterranean citrus groves, nut oil from argan forests, the buttery goodness extracted from the nut of the Shea tree or coconut palm, and even fruit from sloe berries or blossom extract from blackthorn trees.

Not forgetting the vital part that the forests play as homes for the tree hives in Ethiopia where Weleda sources its organic beeswax. Or the shelter and shade created by the myriad of trees and hedgerows in Weleda’s biodynamic herb gardens that provide refuge for pollinators and actively encourage a vibrant biodiversity at Weleda’s growing sites.

About TreeSisters - Women Seeding Change

“We exist to rebuild our relationship between people and nature. Our uniqueness as an environmental organisation is that we are combination of women’s work and empowerment and consciousness shift and measurable ecological restoration. 
“When you give to TreeSisters you are growing forest corridors between the last remaining fragments of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest, restoring vital territories for some of our most endangered species. You are growing buffer zone community forests in Nepal to help protect the last 7% of what was once verdant Jhapa canopy forest, and restoring ancient cloud forest in one of the most biodiverse regions in Northeast India, while restoring soil fertility through agroforestry in the drought plagued South. In Madagascar you are helping men and women out of indentured slavery as they become foresters, restoring both the Mangrove forest that protects their coasts and rehabilitates fish stocks, and the inland forests that house some of the most endangered species of indigenous Lima. In Africa you are restoring rivers, streams and groundwater by reforesting the slopes of Mount Kenya that are so critical for agriculture. And you are growing a protective buffer of forest around the last 250 Cross River gorillas in Cameroon.
“Climate change is not a spectator sport – it’s time for all of us to get off the bench and start playing this game, to make a difference.”

Claire Dubois, Founder, TreeSisters