Natural help for breastfeeding mums

Natural help for breastfeeding mums

Discover our natural ointment that offers care and protection
28 July 2022

Nipple Balm is a natural ointment that provides care and protection for sore nipples, cracked skin and chafing. This neat little tube of soothing magic joins Weleda’s range of maternity products including Stretch Mark Massage Oil and Perineum Massage Oil. 

The range has been developed by experienced midwives and pharmacists, and is formulated using natural and organic ingredients ideally suited to delicate skin – in this case therapeutic plant extracts, nourishing plant oils and protective waxes – and dermatologically-tested as suitable for sensitive skin.

What's in Nipple Balm?

Weleda’s Nipple Balm is made with golden calendula extract, home-grown organically in Weleda’s Derbyshire herb gardens to strict biodynamic standards.

Common marigold or Calendula officinalis is one of the most popular natural skincare ingredients. It is prized not only for its gentleness and mildness, proving one of the most suitable ingredients for sensitive skin, but also for its skin-healing properties. It’s a natural antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, and an ideal ingredient for soothing damaged or inflamed skin.

Calendula is combined with nourishing organic plant oils - cold-pressed sunflower seed oil and olive oil - together with unbleached beeswax and the finest quality lanolin. Lanolin is a wonderfully protective substance, akin to the sebum found in our own skin. Weleda’s is of the finest pharmaceutical quality and purity, made from the natural oily waxes in sheep’s fleece sourced from New Zealand where farmers do not use the chemical sheep dips commonly used in other parts of the world to keep livestock disease free.

Weleda Nipple Balm is NATRUE-certified genuinely natural and free from mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or artificial additives of any kind, including parabens. It is also cruelty-free. With no need to wipe off the skin before breastfeeding, Weleda Nipple Balm is safe for mum and baby.

Nipple Balm 25g
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Nipple Balm 50g
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How should you apply Nipple Balm?

Apply the balm after feeding or between feeds rather than just before, to avoid making the nipple slippery immediately prior to breastfeeding as this may hinder the baby latching on effectively. After each feed, pat the skin dry gently. Apply a small amount of balm to the nipple and areola to moisturise and comfort the skin.

Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally to all of us straight away. It can be tricky, particularly for first time mothers, but also it is harder if babies are initially very sleepy, either because they had a difficult birth or due to physiological jaundice for a day or two following birth, or if they are premature or unwell in any way. It can sometimes be harder for mothers who have had a C-section to find a comfortable position for feeding. There are lots of reasons why mums might struggle for a while to get breastfeeding established, but all these common difficulties can be overcome with help and support. Asking advice from a midwife, family member or lactation consultant in those first few hours or days after birth can make a big difference.

It is also a good idea to check that baby does not have a tongue-tie as this is a common cause of unexplained sore nipples. Poor attachment can also lead to baby colic, not just sore nipples. Ongoing help and support for mum can help to resolve all these issues. Click below to read our midwife-approved tips for breastfeeding.

Top tips for breastfeeding

What else can you use Nipple Balm for?

It’s not just mums that can experience sore nipples– dads and athletes may suffer from ‘joggers nipple’ if they run regularly. Chafing on clothing can irritate the skin when athletes run over long distances or regularly include running as part of their fitness and training routine for other sports. Simply apply the Weleda Nipple Balm to the areas prone to chafing before sporting activity.

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