Natural hair care

Weleda's holistically formulated hair care is designed to protect and restore balance to the scalp, while revitalizing hair’s natural strength and beauty.

At Weleda, we understand the harmonious connection between nature and humans. We have used this knowledge since 1921 by carefully selecting natural substances for our products in order to support the body’s own strengths.

A key part of this holistic care philosophy is our lead plant principle – a combination of anthroposophical and scientific knowledge. This concept is based on the link between the lead plant and the respective hair care needs. Hair and cereal have many similarities such as the way they grow, their surface and their structure. And just as cereals can only grow in fertile earth, shiny hair can only grow on a healthy scalp.

Tailored to the individual needs of the respective hair type, Weleda provides the scalp and hair with exactly what it needs –and no more. The ingredients in our holistic formulations all contribute to the effectiveness of the product. The unique fragrance of each product, which comprises carefully selected essential oils, makes our hair care an experience for all the senses.

Holistic hair care tips

Natural hair care works by giving the hair everything it needs to become healthy. This is different to synthetic products which often work by adding a layer of silicone to the hair, giving it an immediate sheen. As your hair adjusts to its new natural regime, there may be a period of time where the silicone has left the hair, but before it has fully regained its natural shine. To help your hair look good during this transition, and to maintain its healthiness afterwards, here are some holistic tips for natural hair care.

1. Brushing hair

Daily brushing results in shinier and smoother hair.

2. Caring for dry ends

Before washing your hair, massage some Oat Replenishing Treatment into the ends and leave for five to ten minutes.

3. Washing hair

A scalp massage while washing your hair supplies the roots with the nutrients they need.

4. Using a conditioner

Using the Oat Replenishing Conditioner promotes the natural regeneration of dry and damaged hair.

5. Drying hair

Using too much heat can damage the hair. Dry your hair and scalp with a towel before using a hairdryer.

6. Massaging scalp

Massaging the scalp with the Revitalising Hair Tonic invigorates the scalp and encourages hair growth.

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