Revitalising Hair Tonic 100ml

Item No. 103024
Proven stronger, healthier hair and reduced hair loss

Natural treatment agaist hair and scalp problems, hair loss, thinning or brittle hair, dandruff and dryness

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Formulated in 1921, this is the oldest product in our all-natural cosmetics range, tackling the causes of thinning hair to build more growth and more body for naturally stronger hair and a healthier scalp. Used for centuries to stimulate the circulation, rosemary helps restore the health of the scalp, while stonecrop and horseradish extracts work together to discourage microbial development and reduce inflammation.

  • 65% agreed hair became stronger*
  • Hair Loss was reduced by 25%**
*in-use study over 6 months, self-assessment
**in-use test over 3 months, expert assessment

  • Strengthens hair, invigorates scalp and nourishes hair roots
  • Reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth
  • Uplifting rosemary scent, suitable for men and women
  • Dermatologically tested, certified natural hair care
  • Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Spray Pump is sold separately - click here to purchase
Water (Aqua), Alcohol, Cochlearia Armoracia (Horseradish) Extract, Sedum Acre Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Potassium Carbonate, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*. *from natural essential oils

How to use:
Massage into the scalp every morning and evening. Do not rinse.
Reviews (15)
  • revitalising hair tonic
    I am only writing this as I was shocked to see Which? magazine May edition rubbishing it. I do not use it regularly but I do use it often, whenever my scalp feels uncomfortable and I find it wonderfully soothing. So much so that I always carry a small spray bottle of it when I travel. I am not suffering from hair loss although it has thinned as I've aged - I'm in my late 70's. I would not want to be without this product. For me it is wonderful.
  • Impressed
    I was experiencing hair thinning which was extremely frustrating at my young age but also concerning as I’ve always had lots of hair. In already a week I started noticing improvement, and now at a month of applying it 1x day (really sometimes every other day when I shower) my hair thinning is completely gone. I do use a scalp massager which i’m assuming boosts the product results.
  • Recommended
    I had an itchy scalp which I thought was caused by a keratin shampoo. I used this product twice a week on my scalp and after a couple of weeks the itch is gone. I also have a very thin hair and this product made my hair stronger and I have the feeling my hair looks fuller. As a bonus, the product smells very good !
  • Miracle
    Finally, after endless vitamins and gummies, this rosemary hair tonic is exactly what I needed!!! After two days my hair already looks and feels healthy, excited for the upcoming weeks for results!
  • Brilliant organic hair tonic
    It has revitalised my scalp and hair, please please weleda when is it coming back
  • Amazing Hair Tonic
    I use this hair tonic a few times a week and love it. You don’t need to wash your hair after using, just dries in. Definitely strengthens my hair. I’d highly recommend. Buy the spritz top to use it more economically
  • I love this product for so many reasons
    My hair is prone to being a bit greasy and now with the onset of the menopause it is thinning and my scalp is a bit flaky. The rosemary tonic helps freshen my scalp, strengthen my hair and squeeze an extra day between hair washing. It smells great too and I swear it reduces brain fog. Great product, one of Weleda's oldest I believe.
  • Revitalise hair and scalp
    I have been using Weleda’s Revitalising Hair tonic daily for a few years - it’s easy to apply with an atomisier spray - my scalp is energised and I like the morning rosemary boost too. I work as a massage / facial therapist good for keeping my hair styled and tidy - a hair style pick me up - also great post cold water wild swim again easy to apply , good too after I wash my hair and leave to dry naturally.
  • Best hair tonic
    I have used my first bottle and now ordered two more. I am loving it the tonic, I have encouraged the tonic to my husband and my 14yr old son who has been suffering from dry scalp and its really helping. The only issue I have is its really hard to find the tonic at the HB store therefore I have to order it on line.
  • I love looking in the mirror at my hair
    This is an absolutely fantastic product! I have been suffering from alopecia for over 10 years and I’ve tried so many different products which haven’t worked. This started working within 3 weeks and my hair is slowly growing back in the areas where there was none. I have recommended this to my friends & family members that have alopecia. You don’t need to use a lot and try to spend 5 minutes massaging your scalp or ask someone else to do so.
  • Amazing product
    My hair looks better than ever, much thicker and holds the style! I would recommend
  • Amazing
    I have just finished my first bottle of hair tonic and I am so happy with the improvement of my hair. It feels so much stronger from the scalp. I agree with all the previous comments. Great product!
  • miracle treatment
    I was suffering from terrible hair loss after being very ill. I used this daily morning and evening and in just a few weeks my hair stopped falling out and was in brilliant condition. I will continue to use this tonic every day. One of the best hair products I have ever bought. Wish I had discovered it years ago.
  • Revitalising Hair Tonic is the best product I have ever used.
    Revitalising Hair Tonic had made great difference in the feel, texture and even the colour of my hair. I will use this product for the rest of my life and I recommend it for the whole family. I can't praise it enough. Thank you Weleda for making such a wonderful product. I had started to consider wearing a wig until I tried the hair tonic. I have had many complements and even my hair dresser wanted to know what I have been using. I have been suffering ill health in recent years and the state of my health and medications had taken its toll. After using this hair tonic I noticed a difference right away and over a year later it has continued to keep my hair looking full and healthy.
  • Excellent product
    Non greasy, can be used anytime, hair is softer and more lustrous and no hair fall.

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