Winter Warmers... a time for indulgence?

Warmth is the key to health and a general sense of wellbeing.

Most of us know how difficult it is to focus if we are shivering with cold or to sleep soundly if we have chilly feet. There is no need to worry, Weleda have tempting options to help you feel snug, warm and well.

The Weleda bath milks are the ‘dark horses’ within their growing range of natural goodness, facing mighty competition amongst many luxurious body oils and outstanding nourishing skin balms. The bath milks offer an opportunity for sheer indulgence, of your senses and your emotions.

If you decree not having enough time for a bath and could not possibly squeeze in a short window for a foot soak, you are perfectly placed to benefit from this activity. Seize a moment!

You really will be impressed with the lasting result. When you take time out, create space, bring yourself into the present and really bathe with intent, the effects are profound...

The forgotten practice of bathing is an excellent therapeutic tool we can use to keep ourselves in balance. Bathing supports the processing of sensory input and can enable us to feel grounded, focused and calm, drawing ‘busyness’ away from our heads, enabling a feeling of security and support.

    Which scent is for you?

  • Rosemary brings warmth, strength, consciousness, mental stimulation and enlivening. Traditionally rosemary enables circulation (so a popular choice for diabetics and those suffering from Raynaud’s or poor circulation). The perfect, WAKE-UP call!
  • Lavender is pure, gentle, soothing and restful. It calms and controls the senses and enables relaxation. In moments where ‘there is a rush of blood to the head’ opt for lavender.
  • Lemon is clarifying, centering, grounding and very refreshing. Ideal when there are many mental and physical demands.
  • Rose is ideal for times when you need a hug, a little love, some TLC. Nurturing, harmonising and caring, soothing and comforting, promoting love for yourself and those around you.
  • Pine, imagine taking a walk in a fresh pine laden forest. Feel the strengthening vapours enliven you as you inhale clearing the head and refreshing your senses. An Ideal option when there is mental or physical exhaustion, enabling a bronchial boost.
  • Arnica Muscle Soak, for soothing the mind whilst offering time out and a moments relaxation during periods of over-exertion and weariness. The restorative properties of Arnica with purifying properties of Birch are delicately balanced by Lavender and Rosemary. A winning combination to allow restoration.
Arnica Muscle Soak 200ml
Item No. 104017
Wild Rose Cream Bath 100ml
Item No. 104034

Try these self-help tips

Simply add one-two capfuls of bath milk to basin containing perfectly warm water, dispersing the milk in a lemniscate motion (figure 8 motion) and breathe in the aromas. Place a towel over your legs to retain the heat and feel your mind empty itself of busy thoughts. 15-20 minutes should be long enough, dry each foot and adorn toasty pre-warmed socks.

Winter is the time for recharging and nurturing. Try warming a pea size amount of Skin Food, vigorously rubbing it between your hands to melt the ingredients, then roll it lavishly onto the soles of your feet. Seconds later you will feel rewarded with a most pleasant warming and nourishing experience.

Invest in your immune system and treat it with the goodness of rich sloe berries in the form of Blackthorn Elixir. Mix a tablespoonful with warm water for a long lasting inner glow.

Should you succumb to the cold virus, respond quickly with Cold Relief Oral Spray*, offering symptomatic relief of the common cold, cough and flu-like symptoms whilst Herb & Honey Cough Elixir* is soothing for dry and irritating coughs. Sniffles may be eased with a fine isotonic solution with moisturising aloe vera, as Rhinodoron Nasal Spray and Calendula Weather Protection Cream offers a barrier between any moistness and the elements, thus reducing the harmful effects the weather can amplify on vulnerable patches of exposed skin.

*Always read the label.