Winter Health

Winter Health

Here comes the weather… but instead of getting cold and fed up, get a plan! Stay healthy and tackle winter ills, or celebrate the season the natural way with Weleda.

Winter Action Plan

Winter is a season many of us love – for the crispy weather, the parties and the feeling of goodwill in the air. But it also has plenty of unpleasant surprises up its sleeve – if it isn’t the weather, it’s a round of coughs, colds and other bugs getting ready to spread themselves around. There are simple ways to keep yourself in good condition, so that you can resist poor health and discomfort and enjoy the best the season has to offer.

For coughs, colds and many other easily-passed-on illnesses, the key is prevention rather than cure. A strong immune system and robust physical condition puts you in a good position to resist contagion and to get through seasonal ills. Before and throughout winter, eat well – taking in lots of vitamins and minerals through fresh fruit and lightly cooked or raw vegetables. Exercise, and get out in the fresh air – however cold or wet and windy. Wrap up well and try to get a brisk walk or, at the very least, a few minutes outside doing something active like tidying up the garden. When the sun does come out, expose your hands and face for 15 minutes to top up the missing Vitamin D.
All of that reduces your chance of becoming unwell, but a cough or cold is still very likely to come your way at least once this winter. Old-fashioned ideas are surprisingly still the best when it comes to self help. For bunged-up colds try spicy foods or strong, hot flavours like mustard, garlic, chilli or horseradish – any of which help thin mucus and make it easier to expel. Dairy foods have the opposite effect, making mucus thick and congested. Cut down on milk and cheese, but drink plenty of thin, water-based fluids, preferably warm.

A stubborn cough or a congested nose can respond well to more humidity in the air, but centrally-heated environments, including your own home, are notoriously dry. To clear sinuses or ease a cough, put bowls of water next to the radiators, try sitting in a steamy bathroom, or lean over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head to make a mini ‘steam-tent’.
To relieve a dry, irritating cough, Weleda Herb and Honey Cough Elixir marries herb extracts with organic honey to soothe naturally.

You can clear a blocked, stuffy nose with Weleda Rhinodoron Nasal Spray, a gentle moisturising spray for the nasal passages with aloe vera.

Weleda organic elixirs offer a natural way to top up your vitamin C and boost immunity through the winter. Weleda Sea Buckthorn Juice is packed with vitamins C and E which are great for helping protect your body’s natural defences. At especially demanding times, Weleda Blackthorn Elixir invigorates and fortifies the body. Either can be taken as a soothing drink in warm or cold water.

Winter brings its share of aches and pains, especially for those who already know what rheumatism or stiff, achy joints feel like. Cold weather, less exercise and more indulgent, heavy food probably all play their part, but instead of suffering through the winter, let’s see what we can do to reduce the impact pain might have on your seasonal contentment.

Cold weather can decrease blood flow to your muscles and make them tighter, so that when you do move around you are more susceptible to injury. Starting the day with a warm shower using Arnica Sports Shower Gel will stimulate blood flow, or later in the day take a long soak in a bath with Arnica Muscle Soak for aches and pains, Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk to relax, or Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk to stimulate circulation. Gentle daily stretching and massaging with Weleda Arnica Massage Balm can help prevent injury, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery, providing symptomatic relief of rheumatic pain, muscular pain and stiffness, backache, fibrositis, bruising, cramp and sprains.