Christmas gifts to get you all of a flutter

With a wonderful selection of beautiful certified natural gifts for all of your friends and family, we’re going to make Christmas gifting simple as….

You’ll see this year’s selection includes delicate butterflies wafting along in the breeze – we’re celebrating all species found in the biodynamic Weleda gardens. Save your weary feet and do your Christmas shopping from home with us. Relax in the warm and pick some gifts knowing that you’ve made the best choices with our sustainably sourced ingredients.

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Simply add 3 gifts from our Christmas range to your basket and enter the offer code: JINGLEBELLS at the checkout and you'll get the cheapest item for free.

Cheapest item is free from 15.11.19 until midnight 16.12.19. Excludes the Forest Harmony Shower.

Gifts to get you all of a flutter

Weleda’s 2019 Christmas gift collection features beautiful drawings by British designer Lisa Jane Dhar, of Studio Noodles, and includes illustrations of a range of plants used in Weleda’s botanical formulations being visited by British butterflies.
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Butterflies in the Weleda gardens

Weleda has been working closely with East Midlands Butterfly Conservation, taking
part in a butterfly transect over a six-month period when butterflies are most evident.
This study involves a weekly butterfly count at Weleda’s Derbyshire gardens.
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Interview with artist Lisa Jane Dhar

“Even though they are quite small it’s impossible not to notice one of those spectacularly patterned beauties flying by. An encounter with a butterfly may be brief and fleeting, but their passing beauty never fails to capture the heart."
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Beautifully packaged gift sets containing certified natural organic cosmetics.
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