The power of the plant

Weleda has fundamentally opposed all animal testing for our cosmetics since 1921 and fortunately, since 2014, EU legislation has caught up with us now banning all animal testing on beauty products. Today no cosmetic product sold in the EU can be marketed as cruelty-free, on the pack or in advertising for example, because all EU cosmetics have to be cruelty-free by law. 

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We do test our products on real people, through extensive in-use monitored studies. We test each ingredient for toxicology and our formulations for skin tolerability and claim efficacy Our products are verified cruelty-free by the NATRUE quality seal which you will find on every one of our cosmetics.

Our vegan range

Some of our products do contain animal products and their derivates like beeswax, lanolin, goat's milk, and lactose as well as honey in the elixirs which is why we do not say we are a Vegan company. If you wish to avoid any animal product here is our wide range of products that are suitable for Vegans.

Many of our medicinal and wellbeing products are also suitable for vegans.
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Refining Lotion 30ml
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